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County establishes a Hotline for Water Quality Information (919) 249-4475
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Few movie stars or politicians receive as much media coverage or nationwide attention as
Pfiesteria piscicida has recently. This tiny dinoflagellate has been found in certain areas of the Neuse Estuary where it has been identified as the culprit behind some fish kills.

Pfiesteria has been both mysterious and elusive to scientists. Since its discovery they have found up to 24 different stages in its life cycle making a thorough understanding of the organism very difficult. According to Dr. JoAnn Burkholder, Associate Professor, Aquatic Botany & Marine Sciences at North Carolina State University, "The dinoflagellate is only toxic in the presence of fish excreta or secretions". The scientists are now challenged by trying to identify specifically what it is that causes Pfiesteria to become toxic.

Health officials here in Pamlico County are being proactive in their approach to any potential health concerns. Jenny P. Lassiter, Health Director for Pamlico County has set up a Community Awareness Network (CAN). People interested in getting the latest results of water quality testing may call 919 745-4475 to listen to a recording. The water quality results are available through the efforts of State, Local and private organization testing programs which are forwarded to the Health Department. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE as we will immediately post any test results that pose a problem to human health.

Camp Seagull and Camp Seafarer are working closely with the health department and Dr. Burkholder at North Carolina State University. Weekly testing is being carried out at both camps to test for the presence of
Pfiesteria as well as other water quality issues. On March 31, 1997 Dr. Burkholder released an open letter addressing the concerns of the summer camps along the Neuse River.

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